Specializing In Commercial Moving

Commercial Office Moving

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Specializing In Commercial Moving

Commercial Office Moving Services

Is your business ready to move offices? Look no further than 1Up Moving for a commercial moving company in Medicine Hat to get everything packed and moved to your new location. We understand how stressful getting everything and everyone in your office ready for a big move can be, especially since you’re still responsible for doing your work on top of that. So let our team help make this transition easy. 

Commercial Moving Company

Finding the right commercial moving company in Medicine Hat is easy with 1Up Moving. We have over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial moves and understand the importance of getting everything moved efficiently. When you work with 1Up Moving, you won’t have to worry about boxes of essential documents getting misplaced or boxes ending up in the wrong area of the office. We are here to make your move seamless and straightforward and get your entire office back to work in no time. 

commercial moving medicine hat
commercial moving medicine hat

Getting Back To Business

Are you worried about your business downtime while the move is happening? We can help with that. Here at 1Up Moving, we understand a priority system when it comes to commercial office moves. We can prioritize moving all of your important documents, technology and desks so that you can set up immediately and get back to work. No matter how big your move is when you choose 1Up, you choose unparalleled quality and a hardworking moving team. 

Commercial Packing Service

When you’re getting the entire office ready for a move, it can be highly overwhelming to take the time to organize all of the packing as well. Instead of taking that on yourself, or having your staff be burdened with helping pack, let 1Up Moving do it. We are professionals with experience in commercial packing and can help you get everything ready for move day. Let us handle the packing and moving process for you so you can focus on running your business instead. 

All-Inclusive Office Moving Service

Our team will help you get all of your office furniture, documents, technology, and items moved into your new office location. You won’t have to worry about items being misplaced or damaged. Our team takes quality moving services seriously. Everything will arrive in your new office in the same condition as it left the old one. Our years of experience as movers means that we are intimately familiar with how moving accidents happen. This helps us to avoid them! 

commercial moving medicine hat
commercial moving medicine hat

Tearing Down & Setting Up Furniture

When you choose 1Up, you’re choosing a moving company that isn’t just here to help you move your boxes. We are also here to help you tear down and set up. We’ll help you take apart your office furniture and reassemble it again in your new space. Additionally, we’ll help you put your furniture exactly where you need it. That way, your team doesn’t have to spend time lugging around the furniture to where it actually needs to be. Once we’re done with the furniture, all you’ll have to worry about is unpacking all your boxes!

Ready to get moving? Choose 1Up for an exceptional commercial moving experience in Medicine Hat. Give us a call today for a cost estimate, and experience the 1Up Moving difference.