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Professional Packing Services In Medicine Hat

Packing Made Easy

When you’re getting ready to move, there’s no shortage of things for you to get ready and do before move day. Let us help you take one more thing off your list! No one likes to pack, and frankly, not everyone is good at packing up everything in their home. With so many important items to try and get boxed up for your new space, it can be highly overwhelming to pack effectively and also keep your items safe during the move. 

Packing Team In Medicine Hat

We train our team in packing up all types of items, from delicate things like china to large items like your wardrobe dresser and bed. Trust in 1Up to pack up your items, so they make it to your new home in the exact same condition as they left your old one. Finding a specialized packing service in Medicine Hat has never been easier. Let us pack up your home for your local or long-distance move. 


Expert Packing & Moving Team

As a local Alberta moving company, we are experienced in all types of packing and moving within Medicine Hat. You won’t find an all-inclusive moving company that is as affordable as 1Up or works as hard as we do. Our team is here to support you throughout your move, from packing to settling you into your new place. When you choose 1Up, you choose unparalleled ease and comfort. Let us make your moving day as relaxing as it can be with our packing services! 

Keeping Your Items Safe

There’s nothing worse than unpacking boxes in your new home to find that your dishes didn’t survive the journey. Most moving accidents where items are damaged are due to them being improperly packed. You may do your best to pad your delicate items, but you could still find them damaged during the move without knowing how the accident happened. So let our team help you! 

Our professional packing service in Medicine Hat will help make sure all of your fragile items are perfectly packed to safely make it to their new destination. 

piano and violin in a house

Packing Up Large Items

When you’re getting ready to move your furniture, you may be wondering how to get your more oversized items prepared for the move. While we do bring the right equipment to get your oversized items to your new home on moving day, we can also help you pack your items up in advance. This will make move day go much more smoothly and quickly, and you can rest assured that we will take care of your large items. 

Need to get a piano moved? We also offer piano moving services and will get your instrument to your new home without a scratch. 

No matter what area of Medicine Hat you’re moving from or to, we can help you with packing and moving services. 1Up is an all-inclusive moving company that will help with your Medicine Hat move, making moving day a breeze.