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Professional Residential Movers

As a professional moving company in Lethbridge, 1Up Moving are the experts when it comes to helping you move into a new home. We work in teams of two so that your move happens quickly and safely. Based in Lethbridge, Alberta, our local moving company also specializes in helping with long-distance moves. Our team of expert movers are committed to helping you get into your new home as easy as possible. Some of the ways we do that is by offering in-home quotes and packing services.

Experienced Team

1Up Moving has over 20 years’ worth of moving experience, so you can trust that we will handle everything professionally! Everything leaving your home will arrive at its destination in the same condition. Moving can be extremely stressful, so don’t let the moving company that you chose be one of the things you have to stress over. We will do whatever we can to make this move as seamless as possible so your family can enjoy your new home. 

No Misplaced Or Damaged Items

When you choose 1Up, you won’t have to worry about misplaced boxes or improperly packed and damaged furniture. Our team will take care of your possessions, so they arrive at your new home in perfect shape! Whether you’re moving into your first or your 10th home, let our small but experienced team of house movers take care of you. We pride ourselves on our experience, attention to detail, and above all, how easy we can make your move. 


Packing Services

We'll Handle Packing Your Items

Don't Like Packing?

Not a fan of packing? No problem! Our packing team will help you get everything organized and tucked away, so you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll arrange everything by room and carefully pack it so it’ll safely reach its new destination. 


Many people pack up their possessions only to find that some of their items get damaged during the move due to mispackaging. By leaving it to a professional moving company like 1Up, you know that your possessions will be packed with the utmost care. We want you to feel confident knowing that everything will arrive safely. As working experienced professionals, we have years of experience with moving and packing items. We know precisely how items get damaged during moves, so we know how to prevent it! 

1Up Does Not Compromise On Safety

We Don't Cut Corners

In-Home Quoting Service

Here at 1Up, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best service and experience possible. That begins by providing you with the most accurate quote we can. There’s nothing worse than the movers finishing to unload the truck and then you find out you owe more than what you budgeted for. Let us do an in-home quote for your move! This allows us to count how many boxes and items need to be moved and provide the right equipment and movers for the job. When there are no surprises on moving day, there is less possibility of mistakes or misplacements! 

Your Instructions Matter

We want you to trust in our Lethbridge movers completely, and have your input addressed and questions answered. Our in-home quoting service allows you to let your movers know if you have any special instructions for certain boxes and items. Additionally, this means you can ask any of your burning questions and address your concerns face to face with a member of our moving team. 

Getting To Know Us Before Moving Day

Our team wants you to know that we’re committed to customer service and building client relations and trust is our priority! Moving all your personal items can be an exercise of trust, so why not pick the company that takes the time to get to know you before the big move? 


Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say
Ryan O'Toole

Top notch staff, very professional and fast. Were able to accommodate on short notice.

5 stars
T Anderson

THE company to hire when moving into a Care Facility!! Staff are on time, strategically organized, experienced, and incredibly familiar with the layout of Assisted Living Rooms.

Moving is stressful. But being compelled to move into Residential Care due to a medical event is even more intense. This unique type of move is best handled by 1Up Movers because they employ courteous young men and women who exude compassion and respect.


5 stars
Sasha Struyk

Nothing but amazing staff. Friendly, professional and timely. I have ONLY used 1 UP for my last two moves and would only recommend them for their services. They’ll get the job done for you without breaking the bank or your stuff! Thanks again guys!

5 stars
Stefany Skibinsky

The 1 Up team went above and beyond to make my recent move as smooth and worry free as possible.
The guys arrived right on time, had fantastic attitudes and moved everything quickly and carefully.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for moving services.

5 stars