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Moving when you own a large instrument like a piano can be extremely difficult. Most people don’t have access to a vehicle that can adequately hold a piano. You don’t want to strap a piano to the top of your friend’s minivan, and it certainly won’t be safe to move in a truck bed! Then, there’s also the matter of loading and unloading it. Not to mention how fragile pianos can be and how easily they can be damaged during a move. 


Many things can happen to a piano during a move, including scratches, dents, and in some more extreme cases, damage to the legs. Moving a piano improperly can also cause internal damage, affecting your ability to play it without repair. With such an expensive instrument, it’s better to leave the moving to a professional! Even if you choose not to use a Lethbridge moving company for the rest of your move, you should contact one to move your piano! 


Moving Large Instruments

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Moving With Your Piano

Moving a piano by yourself can prove to be extremely risky. Not only is there a chance you’ll damage the piano itself, but you might also get into an accident and hurt yourself. Pianos are a colossal instrument, and in many cases, maneuvering it into the spot you want it in might cause damage and injury. For example, if you’re going to move it up to the second floor of your home, or if your porch has several steps, the angle and weight could create a dangerous situation. It’s better to leave piano moving to the experts.

In many cases, people choose to leave their piano or have to get rid of it because they cannot feasibly move it, especially if their new home requires the instrument to be on an upper or lower floor. Leave it to 1Up Moving & Delivery  to help move your piano to your new home! We take extra special care with every piano we’re asked to move, because we know they’re delicate and often hold sentimental value.

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Keeping Your Piano & You Safe

Additionally, our team can move your piano wherever you’d like within your new space! You won’t be limited for choice as you can choose a spot that isn’t on the main floor. We also won’t cause any damage to your piano or your new home while moving it in.

Our team will bring the right tools and equipment to move your piano, and make sure to wrap it up tight in blankets and plastic wrap so there won’t be any pesky scratches or dents! We also have a special skid that allows us the best possible control over it. We make sure to take extra care when moving pianos. 


Our Testimonials

Trusted With Piano Moving
Jamieson Gardiiner

These guys are the best for real!!! They helped us move our heavy piano across town in less than 1.5 hours they didn’t damage anything, they were polite, and cheaper than any other company who quoted us. We will definitely use them again!

5 stars
Graham Reimer

Forget 5 stars, give them 100!! We had them move us in to our new home today and it was an incredible experience. Friendly, happy, never negative even though we had some “gong show” furniture to move such as a murphy-bed, piano, and an elliptical. Not an ideal move and they never complained once, were professional and complimentary. Our experience was excellent and highly recommend.

5 stars
Carly Goruk

I would highly recommend 1 Up Moving to anyone. They moved our extremely heavy and large piano up and down two separate flights of stairs efficiently and professionally. They were training a new mover at the time and listening to them you can tell they are seasoned pros. On top of doing an amazing job moving our piano, they were courteous of our home and belongings, moving our plants, couches, floor mats out of the way before and moving them back when finished. Thanks again gentlemen!

5 stars
Amber Toone

These gentlemen did a FANTASTIC job at moving a piano that weighed around 700 lbs. There were some tight corners but they were very cautious and careful to not cause any damage to the house or the piano! Very friendly, yet professional, and would highly recommend them. We will most certainly be using them for future moves.

5 stars